Philippine Self-Help Foundation


Sometime in March 1999 my neighbour and PSHF loan recipient, Eva Marbasan,  told me that the PSHF was looking for an office assistant. I finished my degree in data processing a year earlier but I had not really been able to find a suitable job. I immediately went to the PSHF office in Bacolod to submit my application to Bernie Gampay, the office co-ordinator the time. She told me that Richard Foster, the PSHF director, will be arriving in the Philippines soon and I will be interviewed by him.

On 27 March 1999, three days after I applied, Bernie and Richard visited Miranda, my hometown, and one of the PSHF's project areas. After I caught sight of Richard getting off the tricycle, I ran inside my house and hide because I was shy. Richard saw me peeking through a window and he called me to come down.

It was my first time to meet Richard and I noted that he was handsome! He interviewed me and looked at my transcript of record. There, he found out that that it was my birthday on that day and he hired me as a birthday gift. The following day, I went back to Bacolod for training. My computer skills were helpful but it took me a while to understand my job. Also, I was shy and lacking of self confidence especially because I had a hearing disorder.

A year later, I developed a self confidence in dealing with different kinds of people either in the office or in the field. I also have forged friendships with my colleagues in different offices.

Now I am the PSHF, Bacolod, and Oriental administrator - our name for someone like me who keeps the books and does bank transactions. I make sure that the cash situation of the three offices I mentioned are properly in order. Things can be bad too. I make mistakes in my reports sometimes and I have even become so good in amending things :D. My companions in the office, Bernie especially, always tease me ''Amen Amen Amen" because I always amend. Also I have a frail health which causes me to be absent from work for  a day or two every month, not to mention my personal challenges in life. However despite all these, I have grown a lot since the day Richard met me in 1999 and I have become a better person in the PSHF work. I especially learned to help and care for the people who are in need.

I'm very thankful to  God  for giving me a chance to work in the PSHF and especially to Richard, Bernie, and Glitter for their kindness and the trust they give to me.

March 2013