Philippine Self-Help Foundation


The Seed Sowers Ministries (SSM) was founded in 2003 by the late Dick Braithwaite. The mission and purpose of Seed Sowers Ministries is to provide livelihood and education loans as well as medical assistance to the poor in the central Philippines, through its partnering agency, the Philippine Self Help Foundation. In the seven years since Dick first announced the founding of this ministry, SSM and its pool of 55 individual supporters, all connected with Sioux Falls First Presbyterian Church, have made donations amounting to $71,000. 

The generosity of SSM supporters and offerings from other church members have enabled 461 projects to be funded. These comprise:

- 412 small business loans to groups or individuals
- 20 loans for Education assistance
- 28 grants for medical or housing assistance
- A parcel of 1,000 sq metres of land for permaculture

The recipients of SSM assistance are all in the 30% of the Philippine population, deemed to be living in poverty. Most of the families we are helping are living on monthly incomes of $150 or less. The vast majority of our loan recipients do well with their loans and see their incomes rise. 90% of loans are eventually repaid and credited back to the account of the donor. These same funds can then be used to help another family.

There is a wide range of livelihoods for which the PSHF provides loan assistance: farming, fishing, shop-keeping, sewing, vegetable vending and many more.