Philippine Self-Help Foundation


In August, 1993, Richard arrived in Cebu to meet up with an old friend of his, Bert Bureros, a director of the Cagayan Valley Children’s Home in the northern Philippines. The plan was to find a co-ordinator to run a new office on the island. The Cebu office assisted 30 to 40 families with livelihood loans each year until 2005 at which time, some management irregularities were discovered and the office co-ordinator resigned.

In 1997, we branched out and opened a pre-school, the Lighthouse learning Center (LLC) in Bulacao, a poor suburb in Cebu City. Partnering initially with the Bulacao Baptist Church, 23 students enrolled for the first term. 

The primary goal of the LLC is to provide a good quality and affordable education to the children entrusted to our care. Our tuition rates are as follows:  

Toddlers‘ play group   - 1,000 pesos for 30 hours of classes per month

“Play & Learn’ group - 1,000 pesos for 30 hours of classes per month

Nursery  - 850 pesos for 50 hours of classes per month

Preparatory - 850 pesos for 60 hours of classes per month

Kinder - 850 pesos for 60 hours per month 

Presently, LLC has an enrolment of 96 pupils, and the teachers are handling a total of eight classes daily. The school is run by Richard Foster, assisted by LLC's administrator Rhea Cabasan, and three full-time teachers.  

Now in its 21st year of operation, the LLC continues to uphold its mission of giving the best quality education to the children of Bulacao and its neighbouring barangays.

We are pleased to announce our 21st Moving UP Exercises will take place on March 23rd, 2016 from 9am to noon. The event will take place at the South Town Centre in Tabunoc. BACK