Philippine Self-Help Foundation

Paul Clister

Paul Clister (18) is a second year college student taking Industrial Engineering in BISU, a vocational State University in Bohol. He has an older brother, Paul Clifford aged 21 and a younger sister, Ceilo Mae, aged 16. His father, Paul (52), is a mason, whilst his mother Concepcion (46) sells dry goods, makes and sells peanut butter, and is also a skilled cosmetologist specializing in manicures and pedicures.

Paul Clister's father earns a monthly salary of 6,500 pesos (US$154); he has a good reputation with project engineers for the quality of his work. Concepcion, on the other hand, earns a monthly average of 5,000 pesos from her manicures and pedicures and her sales of beauty products as well as coffee and home-made peanut butter to her friends. The couple's combined income is enough to meet the basic needs of the family; the struggle however is in meeting the increasing costs of their children's education. The eldest, Paul Clifford, a former PSHF education loan recipient, is now thankfully receiving a scholarship from the city but there are still costs to be borne for special projects in his final year in architecture.

The Oncog couple has fully repaid Paul Clifford's educational loan and they are now applying for another education loan for the payment of their second son Paul Clister's tuition fees for this school year. Paul Clister enjoys his Industrial Engineering course in which he is currently specializing in the designing of wrought iron and wooden products. When he was in high school he was fond of making sketches, and later he started making designs for home and office furniture. When he enrolled for his first year in vocational school, he knew exactly which course he wanted to take up.

Paul Clister is a responsible young man and we are glad to support him in his efforts to become an industrial engineer. He is anxious to complete his course and graduate, and is confident that when his parents are too old to continue working hard, he and his two siblings will be able to look after them and provide for them. 

Ireen Ingles
PSHF Bohol
July 2011