Philippine Self-Help Foundation

GFOC 1691
Grant: Medical Grant 
Amount:     30,000 pesos (US$680)

Date Approved: June 2015

 We received the sad news that Alfreda died on Saturday evening. She had been operated in the morning for a nasty injury she had sustained on her lame foot when she was traveling on a motorcycle to the hospital with her mother Dolores and brother Bongbong on Friday and it appears that her heart was too weak to pull her through. 

Three of us in the PSHF, along with Ruffa, Alfreda's childhood friend went to the Bago town funeral home yesterday to offer our condolences to Dolores. Alfreda's body was in the embalming room at the back. Before our return to Bacolod, we all gathered together with Dolores and Bernie said a prayer in the dialect.

I first met Alfreda in a ward in the Provincial hospital in 2004. She was very sick at the time and being comforted by her mother. Her brother, Bongbong was also there. She recovered and went on to lead a relatively normal life, albeit with health issues due to her rheumatic heart. I have fond memories of attending her high school graduation in March 2013.

In March, 2015 she had a stroke and was in intensive care for a while, after which she stayed in the office for three months to help with her rehabilitation. Alfreda was looking well in November when we last met her at the woodworks where her brother Bongbong works.

Alfreda's funeral will be next Saturday and Ruffa will be there to represent us and give a eulogy.


December 2015

Alfreda was going to have her 20th birthday on the 13th of September. To make it special, Dolores, her mother, decided to take Alfreda to her hometown in Manapla in northern Negros Occidental where her (Dolores’) two daughters, Arlene and Alma, live. Arlene’s house is near the sea and so Alfreda enjoyed her stay there. After two months, mother and daughter decided to go back to Ma-ao which is in central Negros. They dropped by the workplace of Bongbong (Alfreda’s older brother) which happens to be near the PSHF office. Dolores came to let us know that Alfreda was around, and so the three of us, Richard, Ireen and I went to the woodworks shop where we saw the other members of the Roylan family: Alma, Bongbong with his wife Crisdy and son Alcris. Alfreda looked well in her new haircut and T-shirt.