Philippine Self-Help Foundation


Michelle (19) is the fourth in a family of seven. Her father Cecelio died in 2004 from complications from diabetes; he was 44, and her mother Eufemia (now 48) was left with the responsibility of raising all seven children. She did laundry jobs and worked as a baby sitter and as a housemaid to make ends meet. Thankfully, Michelle’s three older brothers have jobs now and contribute to the daily food purchases so their mother no longer worries if she is not hired for jobs.

This grant proposal is for Michelle. On the 6th of July she was on her way home at 10 in the evening when she had an accident. She was about to cross a street when a speeding motorcycle hit her; the driver did not stop. She was thrown down by the impact and after hitting the ground, she suffered a seizure and lost consciousness. Bystanders along the road took her to a hospital and she was admitted.

The following day, she complained of a headache and she was vomiting with traces of blood. The doctor ordered a CT scan so she could be diagnosed properly and be given proper medication. All through the day, Michelle’s mother went to her relatives to borrow money for the scan, but went back to the hospital empty-handed.

Michelle was already an enterprising lass at age 10. She became a companion to an elderly person, did errands, and sold native snacks to earn money for her “ baon” allowance for school. With her own efforts, she went as far as her first year of college, but then had to stop because tuition fees and school project costs were more than she could afford. She then held various jobs and is now a waitress in a local eatery in Tagbilaran City, Bohol island’s capital.

One of Eufemia’s relatives was a classmate of mine in high school and told Eufemia about the PSHF. She came to the office and asked for help, and when I saw Michelle’s condition in the emergency room, I immediately sought a project advance. Michelle had the scan that same day, and it showed no brain damage and no traces of hemorrhage. According to the doctor, her suffering was due to the trauma brought about by the accident.

Michelle and Eufemia were relieved upon hearing the good news. Michelle was given prescriptions for pain relief and her bruises and was discharged from the hospital on the 8th of July. Both mother and daughter are thankful for the PSHF assistance, as it is a big reassurance for them to know Michelle’s prognosis. Michelle was very happy knowing there was no serious damage to her brain, and is keen to go back to work.

Ireen Ingles

PSHF Bohol

July 2012