Philippine Self-Help Foundation

Mesiah Marie

We first met Mary Mae  (40) in 2009 when her husband, Francis (51), received a loan to purchase a water pressurizer for his home-based appliance cleaning and repair business. Mary Mae has applied for an educational loan for her eldest daughter Mesiah Marie (17), who will enter college and take up Business Administration at the University of Negros Occidental Recoletos (UNO-R) in Bacolod this June.

Mesiah Marie has done well in her studies; she graduated from Elementary school with a "Best in Math" academic award and a non-academic award for Leadership. When she entered high school at Maranatha Christian College, she was accepted as one of the working students and she was assigned to work in the Library. The work comprised arranging the books in the Library for one hour each day and all day Saturday, making sure the books were in alphabetical order according to their reference numbers and repairing books when pages or plastic covers got torn. This gave her the privilege of free tuition for her first three years. In her fourth and final year, her mother decided that she should stop being a working student and concentrate on her studies. Mesiah Marie rewarded her mother by graduating with a Special Award.

In February 2013, Mesiah Marie learned that UNO-R was offering scholarships for deserving students whose parents had low incomes. She applied, qualified to take the examinations, and passed them. She was interviewed by different department heads and was advised to come back a few weeks later for the results. Unfortunately she was not selected to be in the scholarship program for the first semester, but was given a reserved slot for the second semester, which starts in November.

Mary Mae has applied for a loan of 20,000 pesos to pay for her daughter’s first-semester tuition fees, laboratory and miscellaneous fees. Mesiah Marie will only take the minimum number of units required to keep costs down and concentrate on the subjects that are prerequisites for the second semester. We are glad to give Mesiah Marie a good start toward her college degree; she and her parents are most grateful for the financial help. 

Lanie M. De Leon

PSHF Bacolod

June 2013

Mesiah Marie with her parents, Francis and Mary Mae, brother Moises Franz and sister May Kyla.