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We got to know Maricris (38) in 2007 when she worked with us as a part-time proposal writer. She stayed with us for six months before she was hired to work full-time as a chemist in a mineral-water company in southern Negros Occidental. A few months later, she started to have health concerns and had to leave her job and return to Bacolod. Her condition regrettably got a lot worse and in mid 2010, she was diagnosed with kidney malfunction and started undergoing dialysis. Since that time, she has been hospitalized four times, most recently on December 28, 2012 because of pneumonia.

Her husband Jimmy (52) is employed as a purchaser for a private company. His salary of 6,000 pesos per month is just enough to meet his and Maricris’ daily needs but the three years of dialysis, maintenance medicine, and hospitalizations have drained their savings. Maricris has a supportive family who also helps financially, but they, too, are struggling.

At present, Maricris has two dialysis sessions per week, one in a private hospital and another in a public hospital. She receives benefits from the government’s PhilHealth system, which she uses in the private hospital up to her limit of 45 days a year. Her family has committed to paying for the medicines and other expenses that are not covered by PhilHealth in the private hospital and she has asked the PSHF to help with the expenses that she will incur in the Public hospital. 

We are pleased to support Maricris with a grant of 96,000 pesos to cover her next 43 dialysis sessions in the public hospital and to pay for six dialyzers which need replacing after seven usages.

Maricris is deeply grateful for the help we have extended to her since she began her survival battle in 2010. She is expressing her appreciation to us by doing volunteer work in the PSHF office once or twice a week when she is feeling well after a dialysis session. We are so grateful to have her back as she is helping to sort out our files, convert documents to an updated software and even doing interviews and writing proposals again. She is delighted to be part of the PSHF team again.

Lanie M. De Leon

PSHF Bacolod

April 2013


Maricris with her husband, Jimmy.

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