Philippine Self-Help Foundation

Lorna dreamed of going abroad in order to get a good income so that she could give her family a good life. Finally in 1999, she was able to get a job in Taiwan as a factory worker for a computer company. She regularly sent money home and eventually was able to save enough money to buy a lot in a subdivision in her hometown in Talisay in Negros Occidental. Unfortunately on her last contract in 2008, she had flu-like symptoms which got progressively worse. She was no longer able to work and as there was no one to care for her there, she terminated her contract and went home. She immediately sought medical help and the diagnosis was end-stage kidney disease.

In October, Lorna would have reached her 8th year of hemodialysis. Twice a week, she would alternate her dialysis between Silay Provincial Hospital, a government-owned hospital, and Metro-Bacolod Kidney Centre, a private institution. However in early September, her arthritis had worsened so badly that she needed medication in order to be able to walk. When she did get treatment for that, she developed rashes on her body and her throat ached terribly, allergic reactions to the drug she took. Her doctor advised that she be confined right away. She had no money to go to a private hospital and so she and her sister went to the local public hospital. The emergency room was teeming with patients when they arrived at about 2PM and it wasn’t until 5 PM when she received medical attention.

Lizel, who is the youngest in the family, was with Lorna in her last moments. In the morning of September 19th, Lorna made an effort to fix herself and put on powder to her face because she wanted to go home, she told Lizel. In the afternoon, she went to sleep and later on slipped away quietly.