Philippine Self-Help Foundation

PSHF-LLC Satellite School in Naga

In the midst of pandemic our school struggles when it comes to enrolees, parents lost their jobs, affordability when it comes to online classes and homeschooling also is a problem for most parents. Our founder, Richard Foster saw that there were a lot of children who were unable to study due to financial difficulties specially in remote areas, this is how the satellite school began. 

During the first year 2020-2021 we offer 8 scholarship to less priveledge children all are in homeschooling. In 2021-2022 we had 10 scholars, 4 in Naga City, Cebu and 6 are in our school. We were able to give them quality education amidst the pandemic. Parents are very grateful seeing their children well equipt upon entering grade 1.

This school year 2022-2023, we offer scholarship to 13 deserving pupils. There are 10 pupils in Naga and 3 pupils in our school.