Philippine Self-Help Foundation

Poirot must have led a monotonous life of sleeping, eating and a bit grooming before Itty came into his life. There were other cats in the office but nobody seemed interested in him. Then Itty, a tortoiseshell cat, came along. She was probably an unwanted kitten and so was ’thrown away’, and she wandered until she reached the office. I started feeding her, although surreptitiously, as my landlady disapproved of me having anymore cats. Itty had been very shy for 2 to 3 weeks and then gradually took on some liberties such as sleeping on the other cats’ nooks and frequently ended up being bullied away. But Poirot was different from the other cats; he didn’t snarl when Itty would come near him. Gradually Itty befriended and encouraged Poirot to play with her and it wasn’t long before they became buddies.

It came as a surprise therefore when Itty was away the whole day one day last week and came back in a stupor. (I took her to the vet that day for spaying.) For two or three days, Itty was quiet and listless. Poirot pawed at her gently but she just turned away. However on the fourth day, she started peeling away her bandages, and soon was playing hide and seek with Poirot. Now they are back to their sweet moments.