Philippine Self-Help Foundation


A third office on the island of Cebu.

In August, 1993, Richard arrived in Cebu to meet up with an old friend of his, Bert Bureros, a director of the Cagayan Valley Children's Home in the northern Philippines. The plan was to find a coordinator to run a new office on the island. Bert had a lead from working with World Vision a few years previously so we dropped by the office of the IVCF, a varsity Christian group, to meet up with a former colleague of his. It turned out that there was a visitor by the name of Joy Minor, staying there. She was from Davao and seeking employment in Cebu. Richard and Bert both felt there might be a fit so they invited Joy to join them for some sightseeing in the old city. After a pleasant few hours, getting to know each other, Joy was asked if she would like to start a PSHF office in the city and she agreed.

The Cebu office assisted 30 to 40 families with livelihood loans each year until 2005 at which time, some management irregularities were discovered and Joy resigned. During her tenure, we also assisted a number of individuals with medical grant assistance. In 1997, we branched out and opened a pre-school, the Lighthouse learning Center (LLC), which continues to this day, to provide good quality and affordable education to poor children in the suburb of Bulacao.

Jean Legaspi is our administrator (part-time), and Ireen Ingles, our Bohol office coordinator, runs the Cebu field office. Two students, Apple Jane Gekin and Genevive Torbiso are our part-time field workers.