Philippine Self-Help Foundation

On the night of December 16th, super typhoon Odette struck Central Visayas. Days before, there were different alerts given by both local and national disaster risk and management office to gave us informations. In my twenty six years of living, that was my first time to experience violent winds with slight rains that almost lifted the roof in school. Winds that produced whistling and murmuring sound. After the typhoon, most of the houses were destroyed and one of those was our ancient house in Bohol where my family lives. Roofs, ceilings, and walls were totally damaged. My family went to the evacuation center in our barangay and stayed there for a week. Aside from being at risk of dangerous diseases from unsafe water resources, there's no electricity and there's limited stocks of food in the market. December 23rd when we bought a ticket going to Bohol. When we reached home, we found some parts of our house on the next mountains and decided to use them to fix my brother's house which was not totally damaged. After a week of staying at the evacuation area, we decided to go home. On our way home, a twig from the trees lying on the road, accidentally impaled my mother's instep part of her right foot. Due to some financial issues, we just gave her herbal medicines found in our backyard until she had a fever and her foot was swollen. We admitted her to the hospital and she stayed there for two weeks. She was discharged from the hospital last Saturday and she is still in recovery. As of now, we are temporarily living in my brother's house. Typhoon Odette really gave struggle to us especially at this time of pandemic. With the guidance of our Lord, we are very hopeful that soon we can rebuild our house and financially recover from all of our source of income- coconut trees and livestock which were devastated by the super typhoon.