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Meeting Nora

Posted on April 2, 2014 at 10:20 AM

I volunteered for a week in Bohol along with a friend, Natasha Arid, who I met in Shanghai prior to coming to the Philippines. I met the Cebu Relief Coordinator, Jo-Ann and a teacher from the Light House Learning Center School in Cebu, Genevive. I was warmly welcomed by the Bohol Relief Coordinator, Ireen, who set up my accommodation in the Bohol office. I was extremely thrilled to be working with all three women, who were dedicated to their life’s work of helping others, truly inspirational. I had a pleasure of meeting a woman, Leonor Mogol, or as she’s most commonly called, Nora.

I was informed that she and her three small children were temporarily given a home at the office when she broke up with her live-in partner, Joseph. She was not only caring for her own children, but supporting Joseph financially and waiting on him hand and foot. Nora earned her money by doing other people’s laundry. She would ask Joseph to watch her kids during the day, but instead he would be playing games at the internet cafes, gambling, or having drinking sessions with his friends. Nora’s youngest son Elmer, four years old, almost drowned in an open hole because Joseph neglected to care for him. In fact, had he not been given first aid on the spot, he could have died. This led to Nora and Joseph fighting, and ended with Nora and her children being kicked out on the streets with no home. Thankfully, PSHF gave her housing assistance. She continued to do laundry during the day, saving up little by little. During my stay, I was able to witness a woman who came from an abusive relationship to PSHF helping her raise her spirits – it was certainly an amazing sight to see. She invited me along with Ireen, Jo-Ann and Genevive to visit her newly built house. She kindly offered us breakfast, the puto maya paired with sikwate, chocolate drink and ripe mangos. It seems to me that Nora and her children are very happy in their new haven, I only wish the best for her and her family.

Marlene Mosley

31 March 2014

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