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Posted on December 17, 2009 at 12:47 AM

The PSHF is not only active in providing loan assistance but also in giving grants. These are mostly for unaffordable medical treatment and sometimes for housing, business revival, and organic farming training.


I made this video two years ago and I hope that it can REACH out to you profoundly, in whatever way.


*The soundtracks and non-pshf images are not mine*


When I joined the PSHF in December 2006 I was aware that part of my work was to facilitate medical grants. However, I never realized that it would be so heartbreaking a job, especially when a medical grant recipient dies. The year 2007 was especially challenging as we just lost so many on that year. We grieved and we asked questions why others did not make it, but we also got inspired to see courage in suffering and love and devotion of the concerned families to their sick loved ones. 

We still grieve and ask questions every time we remember and I am sure we will still grieve and ask questions if we experience another loss in the future. Sometimes is it easier and more practical not to get involved at all especially if the prognoses are bad. However, as Wally, one of our sponsors said, "we also try even if the chances are bad, and it is not right to not try." And I am sure that the grants we give, raise so much hope and provide comfort and peace to the concerned individuals and their family in their struggles; and that is important. In life it is not the outcome that matters, it is the journey to attempt to get an outcome that does. The journey fortifies family ties and strengthens hearts and produces better people. 

Indeed it is difficult to see God's heart in a child's leukemia or a young man's kidney failure or a mother's rheumatic heart disease. But then I have been meditating that I am not really called to understand. I am called to trust.  As Mother Teresa said, "I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no more hurt, but only more love." And I am so blessed to be working with people (PSHF staff and sponsors) who love until it hurts, and who try to trust more than understand. 

To know more about our Grant program please click here.

Glitter H. Moreño

17 December 2009

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