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Amid is a 15 year old boy suffering from a serious blood illness known as Severe Aplastic Anemia (SAA) which requires him to be frequently hospitalised to undergo blood transfusions. In 2010, he had a bone marrow test which suggested that he may be suffering from Leukemia. Dr. Calahong, the Oncologist in charge, is recommending a new bone marrow test to enable her to determine the progression of his illness and the most appropriate treatment. Our grant will pay for the bone marrow test and provide Amid’s family with some financial help for blood transfusions and treatment.

We first came to know Amid (15) a month ago through Rosalie (29) who is the wife of his older brother Andy. Rosalie came to our office in Bacolod to ask for help for him. Merlinda (54), Amid’s mother, is a farmer. His father, Raymundo, died six years ago from a stroke; he was only 51 years old. Amid has seven siblings, two of whom are factory workers in Manila, another four work on sugarcane plantations and the youngest, Jared (12) goes to school.

The family have 80 ares (8,000 sq. metres) of land, 15 ares of which are cultivated by Amid’s mother and brothers when they are not working on the sugarcane plantation. The rest of the land is either rented out or was pawned to pay Amid’s hospital bill when he was critically ill in December 2012. 

We, at the PSHF are very impressed by Amid’s family, many of whom have made financial sacrifices to help pay for Amid’s monthly trips to the provincial hospital for blood transfusions. We are deeply concerned that the prognosis for Amid is bleak but at least we can share the financial burden. Amid is sadly no longer able to attend school because he gets tired easily so he stays at home helping with cooking and household chores and enjoying watching TV with his friends in his neighbour’s house. 

Amid’s courageous character and hopeful trait is a big inspiration to all of us who know him; we are glad that we can help him and his family in this trying time in their lives.

Ana Marie Alba

PSHF Bacolod

June 2013

Amid with his friends in Ma-ao.

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