Philippine Self-Help Foundation

PSHF provides housing to Typhoon Odette victims. 

For the third time in our history, PSHF areas of operation were affected by a natural disaster and we felt called to help the victims. On October 15, 2013, it was the Bohol earthquake, then just three weeks later, it was Super Typhoon Haiyan and then on the night of December 16, 2022, it was Super Typhoon Odette. 

With funding of 0.5 million pesos ($10,000) provided by the generosity of our sponsors and donors who responded to our ‘Just Giving’ appeal, we were able to provide housing materials and carpentry assistance to 38 families whose homes were either partially or totally destroyed on the night of the Typhoon.

We are happy to show you photos below of some of the houses that were built and their happy occupants.

Cebu Province

On the night of the typhoon, Christopher, Maila and their four children ran to Christopher's mother's home after a tree crashed

down on their kitchen area. 

Maila was five months pregnant at the time.

The family including baby Keith John, born May 30th are happily settled in their new home.

" I never dreamed that I would ever live in such a beautiful house",

                                                                                                          -Tatay Guillermo 

Pederico ekes out a living as a pedicab driver whereas Diosdada stays at home because she has a myoma. The two of them are delighted  with their new home.

PSHF had comfort rooms built for families who had never had one before.

Negros Occidental Province

A dream come true for former sugarcane worker Estanislao and his wife Estrella.

Junjun and Analyn with their two children Michele and Jonalyn in front of their new home perched above a field. Junjun did the construction with his own hands and we provided the materials.

Louis is a sugarcane labourer earning 150 pesos ($3) a day. He and Mary Joy have no children, in fact Mary Joy has tragically miscarried three times.

Here inside their new home are Joemari, his wife Rizza and their three sons Joemarie III, Jade and 2 year old Justin.

Joemari Villera works in the sugarcane fields earning 200 pesos ($4) a day.

Bohol Province

The home of Analyn Gallibot, our Bohol Administrator, was badly damaged when typhoon Odette hit her town on the night of December 16th, 2021. She is seen here at the front steps of her new home with her daughter AJ, son Aiken and niece Chloe.